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Welcome to the launch of Attivo Alchemists

Greg Capitolo | 09/20/20

Attivo Partners is excited to announce the launch of Attivo Alchemists. Attivo Alchemists use their operational superpowers to transform emerging growth companies into high-growth, scalable companies.


Scale every part of your operations


At Attivo, we provide best-in-class services to our clients. We do that by engaging and collaborating with our clients so they gain insights into their financial operations and make the best possible decisions about allocating resources for future growth and profitability. We understand there are many elements that contribute to building value within a company.


Through our engagement with emerging growth companies, we know they need experts to fill gaps in their overall operations. Whether it’s building out a sales team or sales development function to accelerate growth, or getting additional help as a company prepares its presentation for the next round of funding, our clients must fill these critical functions to achieve exponential growth. The Attivo Alchemists are here to serve as trusted advisors and partners as our clients look to scale every part of their operations.


At Attivo, our goal is to be a company’s go-to trusted advisor. By starting with building a solid accounting foundation and leveraging our strategic financial experience, from over 150 engagements, we can guide founders to best-in-class resources to operationalize and scale their business.


Meet our Alchemists below:


Mandy Cole — Scaling Go-To-Market Teams


Kristen Hayer — Optimizing Customer Success


Alan Black — Raising Late Stage Capital


Lars Nilsson — Building Inside Sales Teams


Nathan Gold — Captivating Your Audience


Adam Johnson — MItigating Risk Via Insurance