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Three amazing years with our clients

Greg Capitolo | 12/02/20

Three years ago, we built Attivo on the foundational concept that a financial services firm should place its clients first in every decision. We believed that we could create a values-driven organization that leveraged industry experience, continuous learning, and innovative solutions towards the service and advancement of our clients. Our commitment to this guiding belief has intrinsically shaped the direction and growth of our firm. We know our clients and partners are world-class technologists and visionaries looking to solve complex problems and bring new ideas to life. Our mission has always been to partner with you to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in business performance and to build value for your stakeholders.

“We build enduring relationships based on trust and credibility.” Greg Capitolo

Attivo’s success has come through the strength of the relationships we’ve been able to build, both with clients and our team. Success requires an “all hands on deck” mentality. Through this mentality, combined with our client-focused style of work and industry expertise, we’re able to quickly onboard into diverse business contexts and help solve the financial and accounting challenges most pressing to your business. By entrusting your accounting and finance operations to Attivo, you and your team can focus on your core strength — building and marketing amazing products.

“Our desire to continually learn is a core strength that enables our team to provide excellent client service.” Rebecca Lee

Our firm is committed to continually learning from our engagements, from innovation experts and from one another so that we can offer world-class financial services. We are a deeply curious group of people and constantly expand our knowledge and experience in emerging business models and practices while maintaining an intense focus on developing our people through initiatives like The Center of Excellence and Attivo Alchemists.

Innovation and collaborative learning, both among our team and cross-functionally with our clients, ensure that we’re taking thoughtful and creative approaches to the complex financial challenges emerging growth companies encounter. This focus enables us to develop financial strategies, build financial models and implement accounting practices that add value early-on while scaling over time and as the company grows.

“We are inspired by the talent and tenacity of our clients.” Portia Kersten

The last three years have been an incredible experience. We especially appreciate your support as we collectively have been reacting to this pandemic. Each and every day we are inspired by the creativity and dedication you show in building and growing your companies. Thank you for being a part of our journey; we look forward to the future and are eager to continue building value together.


Attivo Partners is a full-service consulting CFO and accounting firm that supports venture-backed, emerging growth companies. At Attivo, we like to engage with clients at the earliest stages and implement the financial systems and processes that enable you to make informed decisions and set the groundwork for your company to scale. We believe our core values of placing our clients first, emphasizing collaboration, and encouraging continuous learning leads to a higher quality of service for our clients.