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Employee engagement drives Attivo’s onboarding process

Julia Misaki | 04/20/20

We’ve all been there: the first day at a new job, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new information we need to master, and stuck because we’re getting very little direction on what to do next.


Effective onboarding is central to building an exceptional employee experience. When a new employee joins Attivo, we’re singularly focused on preparing them for the challenges ahead. Whether it’s getting people up to speed on complex financial modeling or ensuring that new hires are set up with the tools and working styles that Attivo utilizes, we want to prepare our people to succeed.


Through multiple touchpoints of development, we help new hires acclimate to the pace and vision of our firm through a collaborative effort that includes focused training, hands-on experiences, and powerful mentor relationships. Each of these elements is designed to bring the best out of our people so that they can bring their best to our clients.


“The training Attivo hires receive is all encompassing. When you think of your traditional Accounting Manager — Attivo is training you to be so much more than that, operationally, technically, and psychologically. Attivo is active from day one, investing in their employees to build future leaders and experts. I think this is why the client experience is so unique.” — Accounting Manager hire, 2020


Collaboration is the key to Attivo’s onboarding experience


Collaboration is a cornerstone value at Attivo, and it’s deeply embedded in our onboarding experience. If you need help, you can ask anyone on the team, and you’ll get what you need. We know what it’s like to feel left alone and overwhelmed in a new job, and as a result, our firm seeks to be different. Here are a few ways we ensure collaboration and team connection is baked into the onboarding process:


Onboarding guide. New hires have an experienced coach who can guide them every step of the way through their first 100 days. They’ll be there for you whenever you need support and assistance.


Meet and Greets. We utilize these times for new hires to meet other team members at a variety of stages in their careers and hear about their experiences working at Attivo. We match new hires with someone who recently joined Attivo so they can share experiences about being new to the organization. From there, we set up a meeting with someone who has successfully grown within Attivo. Both perspectives give new employees a means to learn from peers and glean tips and tricks for success.


Mentorship. New hires are set up with a mentor on Day 1. Mentors use lunches and bi-weekly check-ins to share resources and help employees achieve professional goals. During these meetings we look for the feedback to flow both ways, to help the individual grow, and to help Attivo improve. Ultimately, the professional, firm, and client win!


1-on-1 Partner Lunches. This is a time for one of Attivo’s partners to share Attivo’s client first, collaborative, and continuous learning values while getting to know new employees. This is also an opportunity for new hires at any level to interact with the senior leadership at Attivo.


Team Lunches. This is a chance for everyone to get to know new hires and put faces with names. We’ll bring out special snacks and favorite foods, and even the remote teams will drop a note in Slack to say hello.


“I received continuous feedback, encouragement and had several layers of management checking in with me regularly. [This] stands out from prior onboarding experiences. I immediately felt supported by everyone. [I felt like] I had both a voice and path within the firm. And that is a very powerful cultural component. This idea of feedback and collaboration goes both ways, and isn’t just a top down management culture” — A recent Attivo hire


Attivo’s emphasis on collaboration helps ensure that new hires are completely supported. We do this so that when a new employee begins client work, they’ll take a collaborative approach to their work and be better equipped for success.


A clear path to success


At Attivo, we have designed our onboarding process to reflect the culture of our organization. We draw on our client-first focus, expertise, creativity, collaborative spirit, and commitment to continuous learning to ensure that every new hire is on a clear path to success. Here are a few key milestones new employees can anticipate in our onboarding experience:


First 30 Days. In this time period, we do our best to make sure that new hires are comfortable with our proprietary tools, workflow, and approach. The primary focus here is to get new hires connected to their onboarding guide, teammates, and mentors. These relationships help equip employees to be great consultants and demonstrate the level of care we want them to exhibit with clients. On day one, you’ll be assigned to a client. While you may not work directly with your clients until later, the assignments and tasks you work on will be directly impactful and designed to add value.


First 60 Days. This is a chance for new employees to test drive what they’ve learned, apply new systems, and find gaps in their approach. As part of our continuous feedback approach, we’ll use the work you’re performing for your client to help determine areas where you excel and where you may require additional support. The objective in this time is to ensure that employees are clear on time management and task prioritization best practices. Additionally, we focus on how to best provide support when interacting with clients. Where there are missing pieces in their work process, we work together to make adjustments and give people space to review what’s needed.


First 100 Days. At this point, new hires engage in the work process on their own and begin to develop confidence in their approach. They may be the client contact — working directly with clients and improving their skillset. New hires still have access to their onboarding guide or client lead, who will collaboratively review task lists, client objectives, and address any challenges. Through on-going mentoring relationships, team collaboration, and other company-wide training, every person can continuously learn and hone their craft.


Beyond 100 Days. The values that Attivo is built on don’t go away at the 100-day mark. Employees enjoy mentorship relationships throughout their time with our firm. The collaborative practices established in the beginning will be taken into every client project. Our commitment to learning doesn’t stop when onboarding ends.


At Attivo, we are committed to an onboarding experience that’s focused, iterative, and that provides endless opportunities for training and development. We want to give our employees the best training experiences possible, because we want to give our customers the best service possible.